Quaker Beliefs


The Religious Society of Friends holds as the basis of our faith the belief that God endows each human being with a measure of the Divine Spirit. The gift of God’s presence and the light of God’s truth have been available to all people in all ages.

The immanence of God implies that all persons are children of the Divine and brothers and sisters of one another. All people have the capacity to discern spiritual truth, and to hold direct communion with God. No mediator, rite, or outward sacrament is necessary. Inspiration and guidance may be realized through joining with others in group worship where vision is made clearer by the shared experience of those present.

The Society of Friends has no formal creed. Each person must prayerfully seek individual guidance and must follow the Light found within. All seekers who in spirit and in truth try to find and follow the will of God and who are in sympathy with the principles and practices of Friends, are welcome to our fellowship.

We worship in Silence. As we still our minds we open our hearts to await the leadings of the Inner Light.

We integrate the Quaker Testimonies, often called by the acronym SPICES—Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship of the Earth—into our daily lives.

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